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(zcsoli screenshot)


zcsoli is a one-player card game for CP/M, playing the game usually called Solitaire, Patience, or Klondike. It uses the (easier) 1-card draw variant. It supports VT100, VT52, ADM-3A, and ZCN control codes.

There are two versions. requires a Z80 or compatible CPU and is just 2k. uses 8080 instructions only (and should run on anything CP/M 2.2 does), but it's slower and larger.


The current version is 1.0, here as It's also available in the traditional CP/M LBR format as zcsoli10.lbr.


You can run zcsoli in ZCN in enc100em in your browser (how did we get here, it's turtles all the way down, etc.). It's easier to play the game on the NC200, so choose that one then enter the "zcsoli" command once ZCN starts.


Initial version.

Last updated on 2023 Jun 28