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ZCN 1.3 fix

This is a fix for a serious bug in the format command on the NC200 version of ZCN 1.3 (from 2001), which you can apply on the NC200 itself while ZCN is running - just transfer and run zcn13fix.sub.

The bug does not affect the NC100 version of ZCN.

2022-10-10 update - on NC200 only, ZCN 1.3 also has a memory-corrupting bug if you turn the NC off and on again, which affects a few bytes high in the TPA (program memory) - this bug can't easily be fixed with a runtime patch, and is not fixed by zcn13fix.sub. ZCN 1.4 fixes it.


The fix is here in


Initial version.

Last updated on 2023 Jun 8