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(ZCN screenshot)


ZCN is a free operating system for the Amstrad NC100 (Notepad) and NC200 (Notebook). It's largely compatible with CP/M 2.2, and runs most CP/M 2.2 programs. You need an NC100/NC200 and a PCMCIA memory card to use it, and a separate computer - perhaps a PC - with a serial link to get the system code to it for the first time.

While ZCN 1.4 is currently in development (as shown above), for now this page only links to ZCN 1.3, dating from 2001.


The current version is 1.3, available from ibiblio as

Note that ZCN 1.3 has serious bugs on the NC200 - be sure to use the ZCN 1.3 fix to mitigate this.


A changes list will be included on this page when ZCN 1.4 is released.

Last updated on 2022 Sep 14