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(p3c80 screenshot)


p3c80 is an output-only device driver for Locomotive's CP/M Plus for the Sinclair Spectrum +3. It gives a true 85x24 terminal display (with 80-column and 64-column options also available) using an extremely cramped font, just 3 pixels wide with no space between characters. It's not ideal, but it's generally readable. More or less.

I realise that as the text can be hard to read, this isn't necessarily something you'd want to use all the time - and you don't have to! Using CP/M's "device" command, you can turn it on or off from the command-line whenever you want.

2020-11-21 update - if you use the Esc = control code for direct screen writes, it's best to use the BIOS for output to avoid issues with BDOS tab expansion. There is actually a bug in cls80 due to it not doing so, luckily this only affects the useless "cls80 c11" case (which would otherwise set the screen colour to blue-on-blue).


The current version is 1.0, here as


Initial version.

Last updated on 2023 Jun 8