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Frivolous historical trivia lies ahead. More than usual, I mean. So if you weren't planning on seeing a screenshot of an ancient version of Mozilla showing an equally old web page today, just don't say I didn't warn you. Except that it might already be on your screen. Oh well.

"Stuff by me" was never a very sensible title for a web page, even as of my earliest version of it back in 2000. It made slightly more sense if you thought of the program pages linked to as the expected entry points to the website(s), with the index page really only being a way of loosely tying those pages together if you happened to click on the link to it, but... yeah. It was a bit strange.

"Further stuff by me" as started in 2020 is similar but different. Inevitably there's some fun to be had in deliberately keeping such a similar title and look twenty years on, but there's also CSS doing a certain amount of furious paddling below the surface in order to give the feel of an old web page, despite somewhat different things happening around the edges (literally). Hopefully it looks how you might remember or imagine such a page looking, rather than how it really looked at the time, or how it would look now. Maybe even on those newfangled "smart" phones. As if you could have a phone without a dial!

Ahem. Really though, this page mostly exists as the very slim justification for including a screenshot of probably the earliest "Stuff by me" page, as shown by QEMU running Mozilla on Debian Potato, using XFree86 with fvwm95 as the window manager (more or less the setup I used at the time, right down to the 640x480 mode):

(Stuff by me from 2000, in Mozilla)

Rumours of this screenshot having a tastefully-doctored address bar are, of course, greatly exaggerated.

Last updated on 2023 Jun 8